My December Obsession: The Vintage Chiffon Blouse

Ahhh, she lives! It’s been a few weeks since I last updated on here, and it feels good to say hello again. So, hello!

I’m back at you this month with a piece I’ve been completely obsessing over lately: my vintage chiffon blouse. I miraculously uncovered this gem at my local Goodwill, and have been wearing it on repeat. But how can you blame me? It’s light, it’s functional, it’s super cute, and it has just a touch of retro to it that adds an unexpected style element.

Although you could pair it with nearly anything to insert some elegance, I’ve dressed the blouse down with boyfriend jeans for a more casual look. Topped off with some loafers and a swipe of lipstick, this outfit is a simple remedy to a bleak winter day.

What’s your winter staple for 2016? Keep an eye on the blog for monthly updates, and thanks for staying loyal to Electric Thrift. I appreciate each one of you!

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Blouse: Goodwill

Boyfriend Jeans: Joe Fresh

Loafers: Vintage


How to Wear Retro Looks Today

Do you ever get those days when you’d rather live in any decade besides your own? Well I do, and one look at the vinyls strewn around my floor would confirm that. That’s right, my friends, I’ve been listening to so much Elvis and Buddy Holly that I just had to express my unrequited love for them through fashion.

My outfit today isn’t totally over the top, but it has enough retro elements to give off a crazy cool 50s vibe, daddio! …Okay, I should probably stick to dressing like I’m from the 50s and leave the slang to the cast of Happy Days. To pull off a vintage look, simply take exaggerated trends from the decade of your choosing and minimize them until they’re casual! Take my dress, for example. It definitely has a full 50s-esque skirt, but pairing it with some everyday flats and a simple jacket tone down the look so that it’s not overwhelming.

I think Buddy would be proud.

What retro looks do you guys think should make a comeback? Anything in particular you’d like to see on the blog soon? Gimme a shout in the comments below, and we’ll chat about it!

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Blazer: Vintage

Dress: Thrifted

Shoes: Rue21

Necklace: F21

November Outerwear Lookbook

Ahh it’s November! That means there are only two more months until 2017! It’s been less than a week, and the shops already have Christmas trees displayed and Jingle Bell Rock playing. Me? I’m busy salivating in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

With all the holiday madness commencing, it’s time to shake up our outerwear game, guys. That is why I’ve prepared a little lookbook to show you how to think outside the typical winter coat. There are three different jackets here, all with different levels of warmth and different representations of style. Have a peek as you breathe in the chilly November air and decide how you wanna upgrade from your basic puffer this season.

What do you think is the most stylish way to stay warm for the winter? I’ve been obsessed with shearlings and oversized puffers from the runways! Let me know what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Fur coat – Thrifted (Goodwill)

Camo jacket – Vintage

Denim jacket – Vintage (check out that 1970s embroidery ahh!)

Dress – Thrifted (Salvation Army)

Shoes – Adidas Superstars

October Thrift Haul 2016



Hey, everyone! I’m back at you with a quick haul for October, which I think ended up having an unintentionally spooky color scheme. Most of these pieces are black, maybe because I’m subconsciously reflecting my excitement for Halloween in everything I do!

Fortunately, October has been full of thrift goodies. My coolest find was probably this black and green silk kimono from a local thrift shop called Anew. When I saw it, I basically died, if that gives you any indication of how amazing and kitschy it is. And it was a steal at 25 bucks!

vintage silk kimono retro fashion kitschyvintage silk kimono retro fashion kitschyvintage silk kimono retro fashion kitschyvintage silk kimono retro fashion kitschy

I also found this gem at Salvation Army, a grungy black minidress that buttons down the front. It’s very similar to the dress from this post that I bought last year, but it fits my incredibly short body a lot better. I’m sure I’ll be wearing it to death this season since it’s so easy to pair with a fun hat or an edgy pair of boots.

These two crop tops caught my eye at Goodwill, and they’ll definitely be getting a lot of use. I can dress them down with a sweater or play up the punk factor with a leather or denim jacket. And they’ll look super cool with my John Lennon shades, of course!

Thanks for checking out what’s up with me, I’d love to hear how your Octobers are going too! Share with me in the comments below, and keep an eye on the blog for more spooky posts coming soon 😛

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Trendspotting: Patches on Denim

Today we’re going to learn a lesson in trends, my dear fashionistas. As the title of today’s post promises, my look is styled around patches on denim, a kitschy craze that throws me back to my Girl Scout days. It kinda reminds me of 90s grunge as well, which is why I paired my DIY patched jeans with broken-in sneakers and a band t-shirt. And someone please award me extra credit points, because I topped the whole look off with another hot trend this season: velvet!

Wearing patches is a super easy way to show your own personal style. You can collect them from an array of places, from online Etsy shops to local boutiques. My advice? Pick out patches that reflect the things you love! I guarantee you’ll be the coolest Girl Scout on the block 🙂

What do you think of patches? Are there any other trends you’d like to see on Electric Thrift? Hit me up in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you!

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Band t-shirt: Vintage

Velvet jacket: Goodwill

Jeans: Express

Patches: Shops (and Girl Scouts :P)

Sunglasses: F21

Shoes: Converse

Minimalist Outfits for the Sleekest City Look Ever

With the weather getting cooler, there are so many ways to rethink the average outfit. But for those of us who like to flaunt that classic minimalist look once in awhile, it can be tricky finding a balance between simplicity and an over-layering hot mess. Luckily, there are easy ways to stay cozy and look put-together at the same time!

My friends and I just indulged in a day trip to Chicago for our long weekend, and if you ask me, we were a spiffy bunch of city slickers. We decided we’d share our favorite minimalist pieces to help keep you cooler than the fall weather. As is evident in this lookbook, these girls have amazing style (maybe you remember Maggie from this post). Enjoy our adventures through the city!

How do you look your best on trips to the city? Have you mastered the art of minimalism? Let me know in the comments below, and stick around for more fun fall content coming soon to the blog!

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What to Wear in October

October is here, guys, it’s here. Some might say I get a bit carried away when it comes to seasonal enthusiasm, but I heartily disagree. Obviously, it’s impossible to be too excited for the holidays!

This is mildly ridiculous, but my plans for today consist of: making Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats, watching scary movies, baking cinnamon-Apple chips, and spookifying my house.

What? I really like Halloween, okay?

Just as important as what you’re doing this month, is what you’re wearing. That’s right, I’m talking chunky knits, cozy fabrics, and warm autumn colors. And it just so happens that my outfit of the day has all three of those things. I hope this look inspires you to take advantage of October! Like, go pick some apples or something.

What’s your favorite thing about October? Gimme a shout in the comments below, and stick around the blog for more spooky stuff throughout the month!

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Sweater – Thrifted

Denim Jacket – Vintage

Leggings – Old Navy

Beret – Thrifted

Glasses – Goodwill

Necklace – F21

Shoes – Aerosoles

Styling a DIY Graffiti Shirt

If there’s one trend that’s been dominating fashion week street style this season, it’s originality. Don’t believe me? Take one look at Karlie Kloss’ NYFW look, or blogger Chiara Ferragni’s perfect patterns, and tell me I’m wrong. Is it a paradox to be original because everybody else is doing it? While you ponder that question, check out how I style the most original DIY project in the fashion realm!

My look today is inspired my the Raf Simons fall campaign from last year, which was decorated with rebellious, sharpie-stained pieces for the most daring of fashionistas. To add some flair to an otherwise simplistic men’s button-down, all I had to do was doodle my little heart out via sharpie. Add your favorite song lyrics, fun shapes, sarcastic expressions, or whatever else strikes you as unique! And for a cohesive, polished look, outline silhouettes and pockets.

What makes your style original? Hope this easy DIY inspired you to take your uniqueness to the next sartorial level. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you!

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Electric Thrift Blogging Anniversary!

On September 13th one year ago, I published my first blog post, and today I’m thrilled to inform you all that Electric Thrift is still going strong! As someone who gets easily distracted by various nagging curiosities, finishing things I start has never been my forte. But you guys have been such responsive and loyal readers that blogging never felt like something I would get bored with!

When I started this blog a year ago, I honestly didn’t know where it would lead me. It’s so interesting to see the tremendous growth that I’ve experienced in such a short amount of time. I remember not knowing anything about photo editing, or the blogging community, or even my own personal style. I’m getting the hang of things now, but very few bloggers start out with a flawless website (take a peek back at my slightly embarrassing first post if you don’t believe me).

The outfit I’m wearing today is sort of in commemoration of the first look I created on the blog. I’m wearing the same top as in my first post, just paired with pieces much more appropriate to my current style 😛 As you browse these photos, know that I am infinitely grateful and indebted to you for supporting my passion. Thank you all so much for being part of the Electric Thrift community! xx

As Electric Thrift continues to expand, what would you like to see more of? If you’re new around the blog, don’t be afraid to gimme a shout in the comments below. I’d love to get to know you!

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Baseball Cap – Vintage (Chicago Cubs)

Blouse – Vintage

Jeans – Thrifted (Calvin Klein)

Sneakers – Adidas Superstars

August Favorites 2016

What a crazy month! I’m sure a lot of you will agree that August absolutely flew by. It’s one of my favorite months – my birthday, back to school, the final fleeting moments of summer. So let us appreciate together all of the rad stuff that made us dread the season’s end.

New Music

August was jam packed with…well, jams. Some of the month’s best releases included Glass Animals’ How to Be a Human Being (fresh new electronic vibes outlining life’s eccentric characters), Young the Giant’s Home of the Strange (an indie rock social commentary on the state of immigration today), and Sleigh Bells’ Hyperdark (glitzy alt-pop single with sardonic lyrics).

18th Birthday

18th birthday ice cream candles

Yes, as of August 10th, I am officially an adult. Although it was tempting to hit the town picking up lottery tickets, tattoos, and cigarettes, I opted for mint chocolate chip ice cream and a Game of Thrones marathon 🙂


denim army jacket creepers punk grunge beret

See this outfit in my last lookbook

Denim seems like a no-brainer every time the air starts to cool. I’ve been obsessed with my reconstructed boyfriend jeans, these flares from Express, and my semi-ridiculous collection of denim jackets. Got a beloved pair of jeans you’re dying to rave about? Spread the word about them in the comments below!

Back to School Room Redecorating

Minimalist bohemian bedroom

There’s always plenty of excitement surrounding the back to school season, and something I do around that time every year is redecorate my bedroom. I’m going for a minimalist vibe this year with bohemian influences like plants and throws. One of my walls is going to be a gallery wall as well, which I’m super excited about. You guys will definitely be kept up to date on the status of my room; let me know if there’s any interest in a room tour for upcoming posts!

What were your favorite moments of August? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Stick around the blog for a super special post next week as well 🙂

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